Fire Pit Table – A Perfect Outdoor Dinning Place

What’s more inviting than a warm fire? A fire pit table is a great way to make any space cozy and warm. With the vast varieties of sizes, colors, and shapes, you can find the perfect fire pit for your space!

What is a fire pit table?

Combine a firepit and a table and what a great combination results then? A fire pit table where you get to enjoy a romantic dinner.
fire pit table outdoor

The fire pit provides a fire using propane rather than firewood while sitting at the table prep the food right there in front of you. There are a lot of different material choices, but most use a medium (glass, stone, rock, etc.) around the fire pit for decoration. There are beautiful designs with wrought iron elements, decorative glass elements, mosaic tiles and so much more. It’s a great addition to any patio, back yard, garden, or deck. Most fire pit table models are portable and easy to use.

What do you use it for?

What you use your fire pit table for is completely up to you! These fire tables function in multiple ways, because they provide heat and and they give you a place where you can arrange food or set your drink during outdoor gathering.

Some people use it purely as décor while others roast marshmallows over the top. It’s great for many occasions and purposes.

Some fire pit tables boast being able to barbeque! This is a great idea for a summer get together. Lots of recipes are popping up for just this situation. Kabobs and hot dogs are big hits. Can you imagine your 4th of July party? This takes it to a new level!

Others use their fire pit for those cool fall or spring evenings to keep warm while still enjoying the outdoors. Using this kind of fire provides warmth without the smoke and mess. That’s a huge advantage to those with a small space.

Why do you need a propane fire pit table?

Because you don’t have to work hard to start a fire! Have you ever tried to start a wood burning fire table? It can be frustrating, messy, and time consuming. These propane pits start themselves with a flip of a switch or a click of a button. Talk about instant gratification.

If you live in town and have a small space, having a big fire pit is probably out of the question. With a propane fired table, you can move your fire pit to wherever you like and don’t have to worry about it getting out of control. You can use different sitting ideas to fit the season or any special occasion.

Does your patio space lack something exciting? A fire pit can be a conversation piece, a work of art, or just add that extra spark that you were looking for. As mentioned above, it can even be used to barbeque. What a fun party to be able to roast marshmallows without the mess and hassle of a huge fire.


Which fireplace table is right for you?

Well, this all depends on what you want to use it for! Are you looking for purely décor? Maybe you want to get a fancier looking fire pit with colorful rocks.

Do you want to barbeque and host parties? Try a bigger fire pit table that has more of a hexagon shape. This allows each person to have a place to sit and barbeque their own food.

Maybe you want to host a yearly fall or spring bonfire. In that case, you might want to look at a bigger model that has more of a natural look (i.e. stone, fake wood, etc.)

The options are nearly endless, so take your time and browse all your options.

Inexpensive Fire Pit in Hammered Bronze and Steel

Sizes and prices.

The sizes and price vary. Fire pit tables range in size from coffee tables to full dining or bar tables. If you are looking for something small and inexpensive, there are some great options around the $100-$200 mark. However, if you want something grand that makes a statement, prices can go up to $700-$1,000. It depends on where you buy it, what materials you choose, and the overall quality.

Firepit table buyers guide.

When looking for a fire pit table to purchase, don’t go for the cheapest one. Chances are, you will be buying another one in the next year or so if you do. Look for a quality material and check out how it works. If it looks too complicated, skip it.

Also, make sure it is heavy duty. You don’t want some flimsy table that’s going to blow over in a strong wind. Find something that has some weight behind it while still looking beautiful.

In the end, you must find the right color, style, and size that is best for you. Don’t buy in haste! Ask yourself what you are going to use it for first, and then start to look.

Taking it Home.

Once you find the right propane fire table for you, enjoy it! Host that backyard party you have always wanted to. Relax and roast some marshmallows or curl up with a glass of wine. A fire pit table is just what you need to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Image credit: Wicker Paradise License: CC BY 2.0

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