Maintaining A Granite Rockery

Angular granite stone lends itself brilliantly to creating a granite rockery, because it is so hard-wearing. The natural bluish-green color of the stone reflects the light, which is why it is so good to use when creating a focal point in your garden. The warmth of granite helps to keep alpines and other smaller plants sheltered from the elements, as well as keeping them well insulated. You should make sure that you are regularly maintaining this area, so that it is kept looking beautiful.

Granite Rockery

Placing your rocks

Try and place your rocks in blocks, rather than ordered rows, as this will look more natural, and protect from the wind. You should always make sure that your rocks are leaning slightly backwards, so that they drain the water off properly. The strata of the rocks should all be running the same way. Once your rocks have been placed, you may find that there is a certain amount of subsidence, depending on the whether the soil and grit underneath has been newly placed. If it is a fresh surface, you may have to top the soil up every few weeks in order to keep the rocks in the position that you want them.

Keeping your rocks clean

It is important to keep your rocks clean, or they can be taken over by earth and leaf mold. This can have a knock on effect of the natural ph balance of the soil. Using a pressure washer is a quick and easy way of maintaining the main keystone rocks, but you will need to be careful when cleaning around more delicate plants. With the smaller rocks, using warm water and a soft sponge, should remove any mold that has accumulated. This may be a particular problem over the winter months, when perhaps you aren’t gardening as much.

Getting rid of pests

Rock plants thrive in really well-drained soil, however it can also be a haven for ants and other pests. If you are looking for a natural way to get rid of ants without harming your plants, prepare a “chilli pepper tea” using hot water and chillies. Pour it into any holes that the ants are nesting in. Birds can also be a problem, especially whilst you are first establishing the plants in your rockery. They do like to pull apart cushion plants and rosettes in particular. In the first few months after you have places your granite rockery, cover your planting area with a fine netting mesh, to discourage birds from visiting.

A granite rockery is a great focal point for your garden. The plants will thrive, even in poor soil, and with a little care and maintenance, your rockery can be beautiful all year round.


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