How to Decorate a Modern Kitchen Diner

Transform your kitchen dining room into a glamorous space that is the envy of all your friends with a few simple touches. No matter what your budget is, you can convert your home into a contemporary space that is perfect for throwing luxurious evening get-togethers with friends. Whether you have just moved in or you are in the mood for a renovation just in time for summer, here’s a guide on how to decorate a modern kitchen dining room.

Bring Nature Inside

Create a statement this summer with your modern kitchen design ideas that can also benefit your mood. Introducing greenery into the home isn’t just about having to add a lick of green paint to the walls. Bring the outdoors in with some gorgeous houseplants that will also improve the indoor air quality. Shades of emerald, moss and forest green complement dark, wooden furniture perfectly. Team with delicate metallic accessories to complete the look.

Unite Your Spaces

The easiest way to unite two rooms together is by simply using a uniform flowing and wall colour throughout. This technique will help create the illusion of a wide and seamless space that stretches through the perimeters of the rooms. Use a solid block of colour that is neutral, and light as this will emphasize the floor space and reflect light to make the room appear bigger.

Scandinavian Inspiration

kitchen dining room scandinavian inspiration

This is a style that has been around for a while however, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s still a firm favourite for interior designers when decorating hotels and arty coffee shops. Bring the trend into your home with key pieces such as designer bar stools or wooden legged sofas. Add in a fluffy throw or a woven rug to finish off the look.

Add Vibrancy

Nowadays, the minimalist style is in full swing. Unfortunately, a minimalistic style can also make a room feel dull and boring, particularly if your space is small and inconsistent. This is where a pop of bright colour comes in. Choose a vibrant hue that you think will work well in the space and allow it to take centre stage of your modern kitchen dining room. This could be done by implementing some bright blue dining chairs or green kitchen countertops. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours.

Good Lighting

kitchen dining table lighting

Never underestimate good lighting, as lighting can make or break a room. Generic lighting in a modern kitchen can often appear boring or unimaginative. Invest in some hanging pendants over the dining table to really make a statement the next time you’re hosting guests. You could also include 60’s style lamps and light features to add another element to the décor. This will also help brighten up without having to use the main lights (as this tends to ruin the atmosphere and ambience or a room).

Which Style Suits You Best? It is always a lot of fun to work with a blank canvas and explore different design options. The most important part is making sure that you’re designing your home to reflect you and your family or loved one. Be sure to get creative and stop playing it safe when it comes to your home décor, no matter what style you prefer – finding your interior style is all part of the fun!.

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