Top Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger

Homes, especially new build can have rooms that are way too big, and then have other rooms far too small. It is very rare that you find a home that has perfect-sized rooms throughout your home. It can sometimes be easier to make a large room look full by simply adding more items into the room for decor. But when you have a small room and are trying to make it look larger, this can be difficult. In this article, we will go through some top tips on how to make a room look larger, which will also help the room to function much better.

There are benefits to having a small room to work with when decorating. The first is that you will need fewer things to fill the room. It’s also easier to organise and decorate, but having an interior designer work with you, will be able to open up the room further by methods that you don’t know how to do.

How to make a room look bigger

Paint and Colour

You will be amazed at how much a room can be transformed with just a lick of paint. Many people wonder what colours they should paint their walls, but this completely depends on how you want your room to feel, and how big you want to make it feel. Choosing dark colours makes a room smaller whereas light colours make a room look larger. The best option is to contrast with both light and dark as it contrasts and ensures the room looks larger. There are many ways to paint a room to look bigger, follow this trick.

Cut The Clutter

Clutter is a small room’s worst nightmare. If you have clutter that covers your floor and all of your storage, then you need to do some sorting out. By keeping your small room tidy and clutter-free, it opens up your space visually. This is essential if you have a really small room that doesn’t have much light. Keep the floor and any tops of storage clutter free, obviously the odd ornament will add style, but anything that isn’t meant to be on there, remove. If you have a rug on the floor, make sure its size is appropriate so that it still looks like you have a lot of floor space. The same rule goes for walls, if you have a small room, it’s best to keep them minimal with a single mirror or a handful of art, not a whole wall of art.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors have more than one use! Shock! I know. Mirrors are great for making your room look larger than it actually is. The best way to do this is to have a focal point and direct your mirror to it. This will in turn create the illusion of depth. They really can transform a room as they reflect light to dark corners, you can add detail in the form of a frame, you can get ready in the morning and they offer a lot of light and the illusion of space.

Mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light which in turn makes the room look larger and it also makes it lighter which is great for the evenings. Daylight is made lighter in the home with mirrors from reflections. Mirrors on walls, standing floor mirrors and glass-topped tables do the same thing, and glass table tops, make the room look larger as you see the floorspace under.

Choose Furniture Wisely

Furniture can either make a room look smaller or it can make it feel larger, so it is essential that you take careful consideration when choosing furniture. Proportion is everything, so if you have a small room, then you must avoid anything bulky or chunky. When you place furniture against the wall, it makes the room look and feel smaller. When you create a small gap between the furniture and the wall, which creates the feeling of the room being larger and more spacious.

When looking for furniture, a good tip is to purchase furniture that is low to the ground. This helps to make a low-ceiling room feel higher as it shows more space above them. Chairs with short legs and tables the same work great for this. 


Just like paint affects the feel and size of a room, floor-to-ceiling curtains offer the appearance of the room looking taller than any room. By ensuring that you get the right size in the right material, you can add height as well as a bit of lux to any room. Expensive curtains do the same as their cheaper alternatives, so if your budget doesn’t allow for luxury, opt for some that look great with your colour scheme or decor.

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