Masculine Wall Art

Bored with ordinary wall decor? Have a look at more masculine wall art, because your home should reflect the man you are.

These will give you some creative measures in order to decorate your walls more extraordinary.

Lighthouse decor manly wall art

Lighthouse decor “manly wall art” 

Choose wall art with a strong impact.

Industrial themes, paintings of wild animals, world maps, patents and blueprints, science magazin covers, etc. can make great masculine wall art.

Multiple pieces of wall art arranged  gallery style  can create an eye catching statement. Strong lines and dark color can also indicate a masculine tone.

“Engineer Poster”, Locomotive Industrial Art

When it comes to colors :

Choose a color scheme inspired by rust and shades of brown. Black and white wall art also add a more masculine touch.

Vintage Formula 1 gift Mercedes Benz W25 Silver Arrow

Vintage “Formula 1 gift” Mercedes Benz W25 Silver Arrow 

Create your personal sanctuary, a place where you can honor the assortment of memories you’ve collected and the adventures lying ahead.

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