Living Room Paint Ideas

In this article we will focus on living room paint ideas – I’ll like to focus on interior home painting especially the living room because it’s the main point of the home often being the first place visited by guest. This room is also the most widely accessible room.

New living room paint ideasWhen purchasing a home there are many internal factors involved once you move in. Many families put aside a budget for interior decorating. This budget is used for purchasing furniture, appliances that reflect the design of the home and painting. Painting rooms has become much more popular in recent years because each color used within different rooms will reflect a different personality. Some of the most popular painting techniques are used within the living room since using different color coats will give it a distinct ambience.

With that said living room paint ideas can be divided into different elements when you consider the size of the room, existing furniture, decor and style (contemporary, modern home and traditional).

Let’s explore these living room paint ideas a bit further

First, there are many painting trends which have been adopted over the past several years. For example, with homes that have large surface space or industrial style many people have opted to create a pond out of paint. When you walk it literally gives you the feeling that you are walking on water.

For homes that have an antique look like the type that you’ll find in downtown areas especially in Europe. This style uses natural pigments for the walls and the furniture matches the look perfectly. You might have to do some antique shopping but these days it’s a trend so should NOT be difficult to incorporate into your home. Finally, the use of high gloss paint has been used several times throughout the home especially within the living room. Many people who are looking for a brilliant classy look will often use glossy paint to give it a reflective look like a mirror.

Paint schemes are choices of colors used to achieve a specific design which than set the best tone for your living room and bedroom color.

living room paint ideas 2014Have a look at the latest color trends for living room paint ideas,

What about color personality? The paint color can reflect the persons characteristics like “blue” being a crowd pleaser and gives a sophisticated appeal.

People have sometimes used grey by mistake and often are left with a colder feeling when sitting in the living room. Bright colors often represent cheerfulness; excitement and joyfulness so if you’re trying to excite a room by paint color then focus on using bright colors.

The family room will often be painted by using a certain psychology when it comes to colors. For example, color will often make a small room feel much larger, more spacious and intimate. This can be done by using very little out of your budget because if you compare the cost of construction to make a room more spacious it can run you a pretty high price. Paint on the other hand over the years has become less expensive so using color has often been an indirect way to convey a more spacious room.

Here’s a quick breakdown on living room paint ideas:

Red is often used for passion while pink can make the people in the room feel playful. The color orange reflects coziness and approachable feeling which is perfect if you have large gatherings. Yellow enlightens mood because it conveys the suns brightness and green has been for those who love the nature and outdoors.

Those homes with larger living rooms have experimented with 2 colors in the same room. Sometimes opposite walls will be painted differently however most of the time the floor would have a decorative pattern which reflects off the wall paint.

3D wall art living room

Trendy wall art for your living room – accent your space with 3D floral wall decals.

Just with almost everything else many people often experiment by trying different colors and sticking with one which works. If you’re hiring someone to do the job for you then can create a 3D map of your room and try different colors on a computer desktop program saving you the headache of painting then repainting your room several times.

Image gallery for living room paint ideas:

Interesting paint ideas for living room.

Interesting paint ideas for living room.

Living room painting ideas for every home.

Living room painting ideas for every home.

Living room paint color ideas 2014.

Living room paint color ideas 2017.

Lovely living room paint colors

Lovely living room paint colors.

Need painting ideas for living room?

Need painting ideas for living room?

Nice paint ideas for living rooms.

Nice paint ideas for living rooms.

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The main objective in living room paint ideas is to find something that compliments the room, floor size and your personality. You have keep budget in mind while you focus on designing the room to your preference. The living room is a place where you will be spending most of your time so comfort is definitely priority.

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