Creating a Zen Space: Incorporating Feng Shui Principles into Your Home Decor

By promoting the positive flow of energy, Feng Shui brings balance and serenity to our lives. This ancient Chinese philosophy is rooted in the optimization of “Chi” through the use of the five elements. Despite its abstract and mystical nature, implementing Feng Shui’s interior design principles is straightforward. The result is a home aesthetic that is healthier, uncluttered,…

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The Best and Most Popular Indoor House Plants for a Bedroom

Indoor House Plant for a Bedroom

A bedroom should be more than a place to sleep. It should also be your private retreat to get away from the chaos of everyday life. Bedroom decor can help set the mood for total relaxation. The right indoor houseplants can add to the ambience of the room. Indoor House Plants for Bedrooms When choosing plants for the…

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How to Maintain and Care for Indoor Plants Properly

kitchen indoor plants

There are numerous benefits to having plants indoors, but those inside plants will need to be taken care of properly in order to thrive and offer those benefits. Having indoor plants offers more to individuals than beautification or decoration for a room. There are also proven health benefits associated with having plants inside, including purification of the air…

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8 Window Decor Ideas To Deal With A Bad View

window decor ideas

This time it is all about an ugly view and how some window decor ideas and decor tips solve the issue. Everyone hates to have a bad view from their window no matter if it’s from your living room, bedroom or even a hotel room. The point is that when you purchase a home, you’re essentially paying for…

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