Creating a Zen Space: Incorporating Feng Shui Principles into Your Home Decor

By promoting the positive flow of energy, Feng Shui brings balance and serenity to our lives. This ancient Chinese philosophy is rooted in the optimization of “Chi” through the use of the five elements.

Despite its abstract and mystical nature, implementing Feng Shui’s interior design principles is straightforward. The result is a home aesthetic that is healthier, uncluttered, and more harmonious, leading to a better mood and state of mind. Feng Shui offers a simple yet effective approach to designing our homes that can enhance our overall well-being. By implementing its principles, we can create a space that supports positive energy flow and promote harmony and balance in our lives.

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Feng Shui origins date back more than 3,000 years in China, and its literal translation is “wind” (Feng) and “water” (Shui), two elements associated with good health in Chinese culture. The placement of furniture and decor items in your home is guided by the five elements. In this article, we will go through how to incorporate Feng Shui principles into your home-decor.

Elements in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about maximising positive energy (chi) by balancing the elements of earth, water, wood, fire and metal. Each element symbolises unique qualities. In order for you to live a fulfilling life, there must be balance within the home of the 5 elements in your home decor.


Wood symbolises growth, vitality and creativity. Decorating with wood is a versatile material, but if you are using this element, then consider rectangular or column shapes that imitate the features of trees. Colours associated with wood include blue, teal and green.


Passion, inspiration and enthusiasm are all properties of the fire element. When using fire, design with triangular or pointy elements such as candles and red decor pieces.


Earth elements control stability, balance and strength. This element helps to rejuvenate your home with earthly tones and can be incorporated with nature images or patterns.


The water element is tied to emotion and intuition. It symbolises depth, wisdom and spirituality. It can be incorporated into the home through curves and black circles.


Metal symbolises precision, logic and efficiency. This element unites all elements together and focuses on order. Metal items in spherical and round shapes will enhance productivity.

Brighten Up The Entry Of Your Home

When it comes to feng shui, the entry of your home represents how energy enters the home as well as your life. The door is also known as the “mouth of qi”. This should be the first space you put your efforts in. You first need to declutter and remove any debris that simply does not need to be there. There are a lot of items that seem to just stay near the front door, so finding the right home for these items is important, just know that it is not where they are now. Once you have cleaned the area and had a sweep around, it’s time to make it more inviting. This could be with a beautiful rug, new lighting, or even a mirror to reflect light.

Check The Commanding Positions

The commanding position is one of the most important principles when it comes to feng shui. It is basically the position of a certain important item in a room. The bed represent you, the sofa represents harmony, the desk represents your carer and the stove represents wealth. Yes, it is pretty difficult altering the position of your stove, but there are ways in which you can encourage it to draw the eye first. The desk can be the centrepiece of your office and the bed and sofa can be decorated with beautiful luxury cushion covers to help make the look more attractive. One thing to note with this is that whatever the focal point is, you should be able to see the door when using it for maximum positive energy.

Incorporate Plants Into Your Space

Plants are the embodiment of life energy. This means that when you have beautiful plants around your home, it connects you to nature and brings a certain vibrance to your home. Green plants give you fresh and vitality energy is essential to your feng shui home. The most important factor about this is to ensure you only have plants that you can look after and are appropriate to have in your home. Lighting conditions and temperatures should be considered.

Remove Obstacles Out Of The Way

If you have children, this is pretty much impossible, but do you have any obstacles in the way on your routes to different rooms? For example, do you have something you have to be careful of, move around or step over in order to get to a different room? Is there an ottoman you kick every day before or after bed? Is there an end table you bump? This is all bad for your feng shui and it needs to be remedied. The way you can do this is by thinking about how you move from room to room and try to make the paths as clear as possible.  

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