How can our gardens benefit from our coffee loving habit too?

We’re a nation of coffee lovers, but can we — and should we — spare a cup for our gardens? The effects of spreading coffee grounds in our gardens to try and boost plant growth is well-discussed, but with lots of conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to know whether it’s worth it at all. Thankfully,…

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Revisiting the medieval importance of herbs

Growing herbs in your garden is not only a fun little hobby, but a brilliant way to support your kitchen and household. Fresh basil for your pasta dishes, rosemary for your roast chicken, all within reach and fresher than anything you’ll find at the shops. Herbs are certainly useful to cultivate today, but in ages gone by, they…

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Biological Pest Control Is Becoming An Ever More Popular Choice

biological pest control

Treat pest problems in your garden with biological pest control products to keep your family and pets safe! Biological pest control methods employ biological materials and natural predators to manage and reduce pest infestations. Biological pest control definition: in short it is a method of controlling pests such as insects, mites, weeds and plant diseases using other living…

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6 Top Ideas For Small Gardens

Desgn idea for a small garden

If you have a small garden space, then you may be stumped as to what you can do with it. Ideas for small gardens and tiny terraces often require more thought than larger garden spaces, but even the smallest garden space can be transformed into a wonderful outdoor retreat. Having a smaller garden comes with its own advantages…

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Where can you find the world’s most extravagant gardens?

kew gardens park illuminated light technology garden design

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”, according to famous Roman, Cicero. Yes, browsing the bookshelves can be fulfilling, but for those of us who love to travel and explore, there’s not much that compares to the natural beauty of a garden. According to estate agents Foxtons, the average garden in the…

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Maintaining A Granite Rockery

Angular granite stone lends itself brilliantly to creating a granite rockery, because it is so hard-wearing. The natural bluish-green color of the stone reflects the light, which is why it is so good to use when creating a focal point in your garden. The warmth of granite helps to keep alpines and other smaller plants sheltered from the…

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