6 Top Ideas For Small Gardens

If you have a small garden space, then you may be stumped as to what you can do with it. Ideas for small gardens and tiny terraces often require more thought than larger garden spaces, but even the smallest garden space can be transformed into a wonderful outdoor retreat. Having a smaller garden comes with its own advantages – they’re low maintenance, easy to transform and a wonderful way to extend your home.

Desgn idea for a small garden

Whether you’re looking to create a garden space to impress or want to use the area to fit in some new furniture, then here are top tips for your small garden design.

Make It A Versatile Space

Rather than dividing up an already small area, think of versatility as space. You want to have one or two sections which are versatile and can easily be doubled up as seating areas or be somewhere where you can spend time with guests or even do yoga in the mornings! Instead of limiting your space, first, think about how you can use it and then design around that.

Avoid Blocking The Sun

Privacy should be the factor which you use to dictate where you put things and decoration. A lot of people tend to turn their garden almost into a fortress as they want to block out anything and everything. Go into your garden and find a place where you would want to sit and spend time, whether it is in the sun or the shade.

If you do want to add some privacy to your garden space, look for smaller objects. A small section of trellis and climbing plants, a bit of screening or even one or two potted plants are all good options to distract from overlooking views. Instead of installing trellis all around your garden, which blocks out the sun and makes it harder for plants to grow, look for smaller objects which do the job just as well.

Plan Ahead

Be sure to plan ahead for when you want to spend time transforming your garden space. Rather than dealing with one section one weekend and another corner the next, which becomes rather disconnected, instead plan a few weekends together. This way, you can put a proper plan into place and you will be focused enough to spend time focusing on the bigger jobs first, which then lead into the smaller, more minute, jobs.

Use All The Space You Have

If you have the space, use it! People, especially those who live in cities and don’t have much access to their own private outdoor spaces, often feel like they are missing out on their own garden space. If you have an outdoor space, even if it is a small roof terrace or front garden area, try to do your best to utilise the space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

Whether you can plant some exotic plants, introduce some small trees or even get some larger plants that come with great foliage, you’ve got to be quite simplistic in your approach when you have a small garden. Simple and bold is the key here and a few large plants in a small garden space will have a much more effective look than lots of different small ones, they will have a much bigger impact rather than just a few pieces dotted around.

Invest In The Right Pieces

With smaller garden spaces, having the right pieces of furniture can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the area. If you want a space where you can invite people round and socialise, then having adequate seating is vital.

A garden corner sofa is the perfect thing to utilise a corner space of your garden and is ideal for guests to sit and relax on. If you want to have an area where you can enjoy al-fresco dining in the evenings, then a good table and chairs set will completely change the way that you use your garden space. Remember, pieces which are too large for a small space will completely swamp your small garden design and make it harder for you to add in or utilise the space further.

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