How to Create an Interior and Garden Living Space that Works in Unison

As we start to approach summer, it’s only natural we become keener to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When the weather starts to warm up and we begin to see our gardens flourish from spring, there’s a euphoric sigh of relief that winter is finally over! So, why not make the most of the sunshine by creating an interior and garden living space that flow beautifully into one another?

flower garden space

Here are some top tips into bringing the indoors out, and welcoming the outdoors in:

Use Glass Walls and Doors

A glass door is like a picture frame out onto your garden. A wall completely made out of glass takes it to another level. In many modern houses, architects are increasingly designing living rooms with wall-to-wall glass to truly open up the space. Not only does it provide a beautiful view from the sofa into your garden space, but it also lets in an abundance of glorious light.

Include Wooden Furniture Indoors

Contemporary furniture is all well and good, but classic wooden furniture can bring rustic, earthy tones to your interior décor. Whether you opt for oak or mahogany, including natural furniture can help you include more outdoor elements in your living room. Complete the décor with wooden ornaments or accessories made from natural materials. A jute rug can be the perfect addition to a raw, rustic living space.

Have an Outdoor Dining Space

Dining outdoors in the summertime is a novelty we like to make the most of. Invest in some durable wicker furniture that can be used by all the family once the sun comes out. Entertain guests or host dinner parties of a summer evening with your brand new furniture suite. Using a natural material such as wicker will keep in with your rustic home theme, too.

Plenty of Greenery

Don’t hold back on gorgeous luscious houseplants to truly bring the outdoors in. Remember not to restrict yourself to succulents or even worse – fake plants! Yucca, fig trees, ferns and banana plants are all excellent options for decorating the home. What’s more, not only do houseplants look wonderful, but they also help to clean the air in your house.

Decide on a Colour Scheme

Coordinate your colour scheme throughout your home and your outdoor living space to make it flow effortlessly. As you’re going to be including a lot of greenery, it’s best to stick with a neutral theme of beige, cream, greys or light blues. You can use these colours throughout your décor for furnishings, curtains, rugs and throws.

Make the Most of the Summer

Even if you feel like introducing a brand new colour scheme for the summer months may feel extreme, remember that your garden and interior design should be synonymous year-round! We often neglect our gardens when it comes to decoration and design, even though this is one the places we spend the most time. Make a change from tradition and see what new ideas you can introduce to your garden space and home today!

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