Hottest Summer Home Decor Trend Ideas for 2019

Summer is the perfect time to throw open your windows and enjoy the laid-back feel of the vacation season. Of course, letting in some sunshine isn’t always enough to bring your home into the summer months. Switching up your home’s decor can also be a great way to celebrate the season. Check out these 10 hot home decor trends for inspiration for your space.

Summertime Yellows

This year’s summer palette welcomes warm, sunny yellows. Everything from tabletop accents to upholstery is showing up in a variety of bright yellow hues. Think throws, vases and side tables. Curtains also offer a perfect opportunity to embrace the warm, bright yellows that are so popular this season. Summer-weight yellow curtains add a soft glow during the daytime and make rooms look brighter at night too.

home decor idea for a yellow bedroom accent

Texture Everywhere

From throw pillows to bedding to window treatments, decor pieces with tactile appeal are big this summer. When shopping for home accents such as tabletop linens and bedding, look for pieces that have inviting textures. Welcoming textures can add visual appeal to your home. Incorporating textures is especially useful if you like to work with a monochromatic color palette but worry that your home might look too plain or boring.

inviting decor texture home accent

Mix-and-Match Prints

Boldly upholstered furnishings might be making an exit this season, but that doesn’t mean that prints are out altogether. Instead of bold, artistic prints, choose more muted or natural designs. Particularly popular are animal prints, which can be incorporated with wall hangings and rugs that invoke the exotic. Prints with florals and foliage are also great choices. You can even mix and match prints for a more eclectic feel.

Clean, White Wood

The perfect summer decor scheme is light and airy. For some, that means bringing in rattan chairs and other furniture traditionally reserved for the outdoors. However, using pieces crafted from wood painted white can also be a great way to create a summer look without replacing major furnishings. Bookshelves and side tables in white make great choices. Summer is also the perfect time to restore that old dresser that’s been languishing in your garage for years.

kids bedroom idea Clean White Wood Home Decor

Bursts of Color

Clean, white furniture is a great choice for a home decor trend, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect color altogether. Occasional bursts of color in jewel tones can provide perfect visual relief for your sleek summer interior. The key here is to use just enough color to dazzle. Too many colorful accents can be overwhelming and will undermine the leisurely look you’re trying to capture for this season.

Spatter and Speckles

Do you remember Grandma’s old graniteware cups and vases? Now is the perfect time to get them out of storage and put them on display. Speckled and spattered patterns are hot this summer, and nowhere is that more evident than in tableware and ceramics. Decorative vases dripping with bright splashes of color add visual appeal and play off this season’s love for textures too. Speckled dishware lends a lighthearted, festive air to the summer table. Use speckled pieces both inside and outside your home for a fun, summer camp feel.

Retro Scandinavian Home Decor

If you prefer a minimalist look, consider opting for ’70s-inspired Scandi design. Sleek lines and soft, muted colors dominate this throwback look that’s perfect for creating a relaxing space. Pair a comfortable-but-basic couch with simple side chairs and accent tables to create a strong foundation for your summertime Scandi space. Finish with decor accents in basic geometric patterns and soft pastels.

Natural Wood

Bare, natural wood is also big this year when it comes to furniture. Think gorgeous pine dining room chairs or side tables. This look is popular because it plays on the light, airy sensibilities of summer. Bare wood can be used in almost any decor scheme and is well suited for both indoors and outdoors use. Interior designers sometimes refer to natural woods as “unfinished wood,” but it’s important to know that these pieces aren’t truly unfinished. Any furniture piece that you use in your home should be properly sealed for protection from dirt and damage.

Woven Pieces

There’s just something about woven rattan chairs and tables that screams summer. The woven look goes beyond furnishings to lighting and home decor accents this year. The woven look also plays off the trend of favoring hand-made items over factory-produced pieces. Functional, hand-woven baskets as home decor are a classic choice that continues to go strong this season. While woven furnishings and accents are popular for outdoors decorating, they work perfectly indoors during the summer season too.

home-decor with rattan chairs

The Outdoors Spirit

Nothing says summer more than bringing plenty of lush plants and flowers into your home. Consider adding potted plants throughout your hour home for an adventurous, jungle feel. While cut flowers in vases look great in dining rooms and living rooms, this is the perfect season to skip on the professionally designed home decor arrangements and opt for blooming houseplants instead. In addition to brightening your space, live plants can also help clean pollutants out of the air.

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