5 Modern Gardens to Extend Your Modern Home’s Look

Do you have a modern home? Do you want to decor your home with all modern extensions? However, we find that most of the time you land up decorating the interior of your home excluding the exterior. It might be either due to lack of space or you do not have the budget and at times you do not get a proper modern garden service provider.

You can do it with the help of an expert any time and design a clean-lined and contemporary landscape outside your home as well. Not just your rooftop, the modern garden design of your home is the perfect avenue to showcase the personal style. It should tell others what they should expect when they peep inside your new home without even crossing the doorstep.

modern garden terrace

Let us take a quick ride through the possible new & modern options to extend the garden and upgrade the look of your home.

Take a look or stop by a manicured garden

trends in modern gardens

This is actually in trend. We love to watch everything in place at our home, so why not our garden? Remember, cleaner lines rule and clutter is something we hate. For a modern garden design and landscape design for your garden, you must have manicured garden which allow the plants to grow freely. It will be broken into clearly defined spaces, giving it a quaint and pristine aesthetic.

Construct a structural modern garden

You can use some of the general structure of your trendy garden. You can use a repeat pattern while planting those shrubs to hold the garden at one place. Like, a row of shrubs and box bushes at regular intervals will give your garden a timeless outlook. You can also create contrast with a geometric design in your lawn paths and include some blousy plants that spill out of their flower beds.

Think of a spring garden

modern spring garden

Cultivating a spring garden just outside your home needs a lot of attention. We know you need to take a lot of care before the spring ensures. But setting up a spring garden helps you to add a lot of color to your gardens. With spring garden, you get the option to plant flowering seeds like calendula, annual poppies etc. You can also give a try to home-grown fruits such as apples or pears. Along with, you can give a hand in planting pink or yellow primroses, ivy or pansies to let your garden have a striking display of colors.

Think of the green ground cover

modern garden extensions

Ground cover is one of the essential aspects of modern garden extensions. You can use it segment the landscape into various areas and lead the visitor’s eye from outside to the room inside. You can plant a low strip of ground cedars and create a border pattern around the pond or pathway. You can also use concrete to create square-pattern or grid-like path that leads to the main attraction in the garden.

Plant a modern Zen in your garden

modern zen gardens

To make your modern home look perked up, add a Zen to your garden. What is a Zen? They are nothing but a place to sit back and relax. Such places like a fountain, streams, small pond with Koi fish will create a Zen-like environment. You can use textural elements like bamboo or use neutral greens for creating a soothing atmosphere. You can also plant evergreen plants that will offer year-round colors or place a statue or a bench near the ground cover in the pond area.

Hope these garden ideas will help you to create a contemporary garden that will complement your modern home. Let us know about your opinion and do share some good snaps of your garden.

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