5 Cosy And Inviting Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

A beautifully designed spare room will make every friend or family member feel most welcome whenever they stay. So, treat your guests with the hotel style service they deserve and go the extra mile with cosy and inviting décor. Don’t know where to start? Check out one of these gorgeous guest bedroom decor ideas for inspiration:

  • Decorate with Copper and Brass for a Warm Welcome
bedroom decor idea with copper

Copper and brass offer warming, deep tones that can set the mood for the rest of the room. Instead of choosing gold or bronze colours for the decorations, why not opt for a copper post bed or brass drawers? This rich addition of metallic colour as the foundation of the room will ensure that your guests know you’ve got a keen eye for detail. A metallic mirror above the bed or geometric brass vase on a bedside table will provide the finishing touch to bring the look together.

  • Don’t Hold Back on the Chic Bedding

Why not make the bed the centrepiece of the room? After all, that is the main function of your guest bedroom! To make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible throughout their stay, layer the bed with plush linens, cushions and throws. Lots of cushions and blankets make for an incredibly cosy stay.

Ensure that the colour scheme of your bedding is the main color focus for the rest of the bedroom. If you’re opting for light, pastel colours, then this should also be reflected in the wallpaper and curtains.

  • Get Some Boutique Hotel Inspiration
Cosy Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

Take your interior design skills to the next level with some inspiration from boutique hotels. Rustic, shabby furniture teamed with delicate patterned wallpaper will allow you to emulate the same ambience as even the most luxurious of independent hotels.

Begin with the wardrobe or chest of drawers. You can either paint them yourself and then sand them down for a more budget friendly approach, or head to your local antiques store and see if you can pick up a bargain.

  • Quirky and Fun Twin Layout

If you have children or friends staying, they may prefer a twin bedroom layout. For an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical look, use matching bed spreads, throws and cushions. You could even have twin bedside tables either side to keep it coordinated. Keep the beds wooden, and match this with wooden intu blinds and furniture.

The fun element will come from the bright, bold colours which will pop more thanks to the wooden furniture. Experiment with your paint, it doesn’t need to be the same colour on every wall – pick two that work well together in a colour scheme. Furthermore, why not leave your guests intrigued by including some quirky souvenirs from your travels as a home decorating idea? So often our holiday trinkets are left to collect dust in the attic – make the most of the guest room space and give them a loving home!

  • Neutral Tones Bedroom Decor Ideas

There’s nothing boring about peaceful, serene neutral tones. Create a delightful place for your family and friends to stay by embracing a rural cottage theme. Choose dark wooden furniture and balance it with beige, brown and light blue decoration. This bedroom decor idea works especially well if your spare guest bedroom is in the attic for a cosy hideaway. Check out more modern home decor ideas.

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